Our Mission

Our mission is to equip and empower kids with the social and emotional competencies that are necessary for achievement and life-long learning.   We believe that kids "learn by doing," so we create imaginative hands-on play that puts your child in control.  And, our commitment is to delightful fun and the unexpected.  

Modern Research & Gap Education

Modern research has identified skills that are more predictive of academic and athletic success in school and later in life than IQ and talent.  For example, Carol Dweck of Stanford University found that students with a “Growth Mindset” - a belief that traits are a result of continued effort - perform better in math and language than those with a fixed mindset - a belief that talents are inherent and do not change. Similarly, studies by Angela Duckworth of The University of Pennsylvania prove that a child’s Grit - the capacity to work towards long-term goals - better predicts academic accomplishment than traditional measures like IQ. The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has also synthesized volumes of research to develop a framework around five competencies that are critical for students to perform effectively and ethically.

Despite the proven importance of these skills, traditional curriculum takes time to evolve.  That's where we come in.  Our accelerated learning program occupies the "gap" between traditional school lessons and extracurricular activities (such as music and sports) to ensure your child gains a complete developmental education.

Current executive entrepreneurship, leadership and business programs and publications emphasize social and emotional skills, such as self-awareness and management, empathy, mindfulness, change management and growth through crisis.  Iconic leaders such as Phil Jackson of the LA Lakers introduced mindfulness to the NBA, acclaimed investor and philanthropist Warren Buffet preaches temperament control, and Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is hailed for his empathy and long-term vision.  

Superpower Academy exists so kids can begin building these critical skills today.

Our Collaborations

With support from the Omidyar Foundation (established by Pierre Omidyar, ebay founder, and his wife, Pam), we took this science and executive curriculum, and collaborated with social & emotional psychologists at HOPELAB, which deploys science, design and technology for young people, DAYLIGHT, a human-centered design firm with education expertise, and SMALLIFY, a social mission-focused innovation lab facilitator, to create SUPERPOWER ACADEMY.

Designed by Leaders for Leaders

Since strong social and emotional skills are important for leadership, SMALLIFY facilitated design-thinking sessions with executive leaders to create learning activities for leaders of tomorrow.  These leaders identified emotion management and empathy as key leadership qualities and collaborated to design two of our most favorite superpower missions!

Thank You to Our Collaborators

A Message From Our Founder

Hi, I’m Pamela, 

When I had the idea for Superpower Academy,  I  was working as an attorney and renewable energy business co-owner and my husband was managing a busy dental practice.  Time management was becoming a challenge.

After the birth of my second child, life became a sprint and the wheels began to come off the bus.  It was tough.  When we did make time for our kids, we were too exhausted to come up with productive at-home activities.  As I searched for commercial options, I didn’t like the dictatorial instructions and “right” answers that came with most.  My oldest daughter (age 7) is an experimental out-of-the-box creator.  This is a trait we really wanted to foster.  I appreciated play (and thinking) that is open-ended, child-directed and empowering. 

At the same time, I was a fellow in a leadership program.  Much of our work focused on the very competencies discussed above as these are critical for those who lead for social change.  Coincidentally, they are also fundamental for healthy child development.  Psychology research correlates these very same skills with life-long fulfillment, learning and advancement.   

So, I’ve created Superpower Academy to give busy parents a simple way to fill the "gap" and reinforce necessary learning at home.  My goal is to help our children build the necessary foundation to become effective citizens and future leaders.  And, get them to turn off the tv just a bit more often!

The team behind Superpower Academy consists of teachers, early education experts, child psychologists, designers, community leaders, a librarian and KIDS!  Everyone who contributes to this project works with kids or is a busy working parent (or both), or is a kid.  Our objective is to teach children critical skills in ways that are CRAZY FUN!  

We hope you and your family have as much fun with Superpower Academy as we have creating it!   

Always be Super, 

Pamela Joe, Founder and Parent of Riley (7) & Kellan (3) 

Are you ready to make your child super?

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